2018 Spring Conference Presentations

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Effectively Interacting with Legislature

Tommy Stevens - Stevens Lobby and Consulting, Inc.

Safety Update

John Pfleger - NC SWANA Safety Ambassador/Waste Industries

European Waste Management

 Robert (Bob) Dick - SCS Engineers

Integrated Solid Waste Management

Sherry Yarkosky - Resource Recycling Systems

Lunch – Keynote Presentation

Sara Bixby - Solid Waste Association of North America

Recycling Away from Home

Blair Pollock - Orange County Solid Waste

Contractor Vetting

Kenn Webb - Transylvania County

Michele Sakwa - 3RC

SWM Workshop-Ways to Minimize the Impact of Disposed Pharmaceuticals on Water Resources

Regina Guyer – Rising Solutions

Dr. Olya Keen – Univeristy of North Carolina at Charlotte

Chemours Update 

Michael Scott - NC Department of Environmental Quality

Elevated Landfill Temperatures

Dr. Stephanie Bolyard - Environmental Research   and Education Foundation (EREF)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Landfill Grading

Bernie Garrett - Garrett & Moore, Inc.


Pieter Scheer - Smith Gardner, Inc.

John Fearrington - Smith Gardner, Inc.

Leachate Collection

Jeff Murray - HDR, Inc.

Gas Collection

David Walker - SCS Engineers

Cap Systems

Matt Cheek - Hodges, Harbin, Newberry,& Tribble (HHNT)

Matt Einsmann - Republic Services

James Tuttle - Chesapeake Containment Systems, Inc.

 Landfill Optimization: Put Everything On the Table

Michael Plummer - HDR, Inc.

John Roberson - Wake County Solid Waste Management

Landfill Expansion - Case Studies

Joe Suleyman - New Hanover County


Joselyn Harriger - NC Department of Environmental Quality


 Geof Little - NC Department of Environmental Quality

GIS & Database Model to Support Landfill Operations

Raymond Hoffman - Froehling & Robertson

Erik Ray - Froehling & Robertson

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Litter Abatement Program 

Derek Smith - NC Department of Transportation

Solid Waste Enforcement

Susan Heim - NC Department of Environmental Quality

Caleb Sinclair - Rowan County Solid Waste


Wendy Worley - NC Department of Environment    Assistance & Customer Service

NCDEQ - State of the State, Compliance and Hot Topics 

Ed Mussler - NC Department of Environmental Quality

Jason Watkins - NC Department of Environmental Quality

Adam Ulishney - NC Department of Environmental Quality