2017 Fall Conference Presentations

    Tuesday, October 31


    Legislative Trends and Effectively Interacting with Legislature

    Dexter Matthews, DRM Environmental Solutions, LLC

    Safety: Industrial Stats & Landfill Safety for Small and Large Haulers

    John Pfleger, NC SWANA Safety Ambassador/Senior EHS Specialist, Waste Industries

    Solid Waste Association Update

    Jeff Murray, Vice President International Solid Waste Association of North America

    Solid Waste Association Overview

    David Biderman, Executive Director/CEO Solid Waste Association of North America

    Service Delivery Methods

    C.J. O’Neil, Outsourcing Solid Waste Collection

    Joe Hack, Service Delivery Methods

    Ellen Price, Hybrid Service Delivery Method

    Joe Suleyman & Kevin Fisher, Public/Private Partnership

    Financing Best Practices

    Elaine Vastis Conti, Raftelis

    David Scarbourgh, City of Raleigh

    Amanda Bader, Harnett County

    Ted Cole, Davenport & Company LLC

    Wednesday, November 1


    Emerging Trends and Technologies

    Jeremy O’Brien, Mechanical Biological Treatment

    Stephanie Bolyard, State of Methane Emissions and Oxidation

    John Roberson & Morton Barlaz, Solid Waste Life Cycle Modeling

    NCDEQ Rules Review Update

    Update on Rules Review Process

    Jessica Montie, 15A NCAC 13B Rule Readoption Update

    Joan Smyth, Environmental Monitoring Rule Review

    NCDEAC Update on Services Offered

    Rob Taylor, State Recycling Update & DEACS Services

    Recycling Reimagined

    Tracy Nestor, Recycling Reimagined

    John Demary, Pitt County C&D Recycling

    Joe Suleyman, Advancing Waste Diversion Through Innovation

    Rob Taylor, NC Recycling Markets Update & Navigating Difficult Waters

    Community Outreach

    Heather Cashwell, Wake County

    Allison Trulock, NewGen Strategies

    Bianca Howard, City of Raleigh

    Thursday, November 2


    Best Management Practices

    Jeanette Alvis, Encouraging the Recovery and Beneficial Use of Biogas

    Joe Curro, Elimination of Positive Pressure under a Landfill Cap

    Kristy Smith, Buncombe County Enhanced Bioreactor

    State of State Inspections

    Ed Mussler, NCDEQ Permitting Branch Supervisor

    Ellen Lorschieder, NCDEQ Section Chief

    Deborah Aja, NCDEQ Field Operations Branch Western District Supervisor