What is SWANA?

    When you see the national SWANA® logo, these three words appear just beneath it - Educate, Innovate, Communicate. They’re much more than just a catchy tag line. They're a firm statement of SWANA's commitment to the people who work in the solid waste profession.

    Educate - Today's solid waste marketplace presents a very complex and changing landscape. There is a tremendous need for information on how to stay on the cutting edge and how to employ the best technologies and management practices in order to not just survive, but succeed. SWANA's basic strength is as a credible source of high-quality information at the forefront of the field. This strength offers every solid waste professional the opportunity to better their skills, their business, and their career.

    Innovate - SWANA's research, development and demonstration (RD&D) efforts are the spark that ignites cutting-edge training and education programs designed to keep you on top of what is state of the art. And through its eight technical divisions, SWANA addresses the specialized needs of its members. These volunteer-based groups serve as the heart of SWANA's programs.

    Communicate - There are many advantages to SWANA membership. At the top is the chance to network - to exchange ideas and experiences with your peers and to learn from others like yourself. SWANA's 6,700+ members are linked by their commitment to excellence in the field. The association continues to be the primary source of information and networking opportunities for solid waste professionals in the US and Canada through its strong system of 46 chapters. The SWANA "networking" benefit is truly outstanding and cannot be matched anywhere else. That's what you would expect from the largest solid waste professional association in the world.

    Interested in Joining SWANA?

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    As a member of SWANA, you will receive information, training, services, and a chapter support structure that will make your work more effective and improve your professionalism. You will also join a network of colleagues who, like you, are striving to make a positive impact in one of the nation’s most important and complex fields—solid waste, where resource management, engineering, public health and environment all come together.

    Other membership benefits include:

    • Access to SWANA's library and resource information center
    • Special rates to national and chapter conferences and seminars
    • Special rates to WASTECON®
    • Subscription to the monthly newsletter, MSW Solutions


    Joining is easy! Simply click here to fill out National's SWANA membership form. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCE CODE ON YOUR ONLINE APPLICATION (CHNC17). For questions regarding membership, please contact [email protected] or telephone 1-800-GO-SWANA x226 (1-800-467-9262 x226).

    We welcome all solid waste professionals to join NC SWANA!