Quad State Presentations - 2019

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019  
    Buncombe County Host Welcome Dane Pedersen - Buncombe County
    Regulatory Perspective Panel - All States
    Providing Leadership in Changing Times David Biderman - SWANA
    Solid Waste Collection Efficiency Ryan Duckett - SCS Engineers
    MRF Challenges Brian Gilhuly - Repower                    
    Equipment: Preventative Maintenance Dennis Bledsoe - Surry County Public Works
    Route Optimization/On-Board Scales - Mobile Automation Jerry McCurry - MOBA Corp.
    Municipal Contracts Matt Todd - Recycle
    Termination of Landfill PCC
    Jeff Murray - HDR Inc.   
    Bryan Staley EREF
    Creating Durable Concrete Floor
    Robert Swan - Euclid Chemical
    Exposed Geomembrane Cover Systems and the Wind Defender Ballast System Steven Mayes - Chesapeake Containment & Geotechnics
    Design of Waste Transfer Station Concrete Floor Against Premature Deterioration Sungwoo Park  - NCSU
    Solar Development on a Capped Municipal Landfill Neil Peters - ARM Group
    Equipment Technology Treends Today Cory Rogers - Hyundai
    Resetting Curbside Recycling Jeremy O'Brien - SWANA
    Thursday, August 29, 2019  
    Safety Updates for the Industry John Pfleger - NC SWANA Safety Ambassador
    Drone Panel Gabriel Swinney - Swinney Photography
    Liquid Level Data Kathryn Fauerby - Carlson Environmental
    Remediation of PFAS Mike Brinchek - Smith Gardner, Inc.
    Mattress Recycling Jonathan Kiser - Kiser Environmental Consulting
    Waste to Energy/Conversion Technologies David Knapp - Tetra Tech
    Dealing with PFAS Viraj deSilva - SCS Engineers
    The Aerobic Landfill Bioreactor System Mark Hudgins
    Long Term Recirculation of RO Residual Leachate Patrick Stanford - Rochem
    Glass Recycling Bill Clark - Strategic Materials
    Assessing Reported Greenhouse Gas Emissions Robert Dick - SCS Engineers
    Landfill Leachate and Emerging Contaminants Rebecca West - RFW Consulting
    Electronics Recycling Megan Tabb - Synergy Electronics Recycling
    Friday, August 30, 2019  
    Preparing the LFG System for Disasters Brock McNabb - Carlson Environmental
    Panel Discussion Management - Wind, Water, Fire