Chapter Safety Ambassador

    As a member of SWANA you have my undivided attention!  I’m John Pfleger, M.S., your NC SWANA Safety Ambassador, and this year I want to help you as a local EHS professional with over 30 years of combined industrial safety experience in maintenance and the solid waste industry. 

    The SWANA Safety Ambassador role was initiated to provide members with a local safety professional capable of answering important regulatory and industry specific safety questions.  I look forward to meeting members at chapter events and working together to improve our safety culture.   

    An unfortunate part of the ambassador position is being notified of industry related fatalities.  Please don’t wait for a tragedy, reach out to me today through the NC SWANA webpage Safety Matters e-mail link.  Together we will keep our coworkers and community safe.

    John Pfleger
    GFL Environmental, Inc.
    3301 Benson Dr Ste 601
    Raleigh , NC 27609-7331
    (919) 877-7523
    (919) 325-3018
    e-mail: [email protected]

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